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Kadınlar Bedenleriyle Barışıklıklarını Instagram’daki Erotik Fotoğraflarıyla Gösteriyor

Beden olumlama hareketine rağmen hem ana akım, hem de sosyal medya kusursuz ve hatta doğal olmayan bedenleri yüceltmeyi sürdürüyor. Kendileriyle ve cinsellikleriyle barışmalarını engelleyen bu baskıyı kırmak isteyen kadınlar şimdi erotik fotoğraflarını paylaşıyor.

Kadınlar Instagram’da başlattıkları bir challenge ile vücutlarıyla ve cinsellikleriyle olan ilişkilerini ortaya koyuyor.


Akımı başlatan kişi bir cinsellik koçu olan Ev’Yan Whitney.

s-77403d452e468827d4cb051c9f669df3393761#sensualselfiechallenge adlı akımı başlatırken kadınlardan 5 gün boyunca birer fotoğraflarını çekmelerini isteyen eğitimci, pozlarında vücutlarını ve cinsel yönlerini öne çıkarıp kutlamalarını istedi. Klasik erotik pozlardan farklı olarak bu akımda her kadın birbirinden ilham alacak ve birbirlerine meydan okuyacaktı.

Kadınlar beğenilmeyi sever, kendileri tarafından beğenilmeyi de. Bu 5 günlük maceranın sonunda pek çok kadın olduğu haliyle barıştı.

s-407af5a177a47520f77e1d1f498c920004fa54Diyabet hastası, trans, yeni doğum yapmış veya son dönemde kilo almış / vermiş kadınlar bedenlerinin seksi olduğunu deneyimlemiş oldular.

Cinselliği yüceltilecek tek beden kusursuz ya da insan eliyle kusursuzlaştırılmış beden değildir.

I ’m here. I ’m queer af. I ’m femme. I have feelings. Lots of them. I try to feel and allow them without judging them and also without getting lost in them. I ’m in a difficult process right now. I ask for help. I work with the stories I tell myself and try to tell more helpful ones. I also drop the storyline & feel the underlying sensations (thanks, @anipemachodron). I am full of contradictions. I ’m human. Who are you? What do you want to share about yourself in this moment? Genuinely, I want to know. * #nationalcomingoutday #alwaysbelated #claimingmyownpace #sensualselfiechallenge A post shared by Elizabeth Cooper (@ejcooper12) on Oct 18, 2018 at 6:59pm PDT

İyi hissetmek için kişinin kendi onayı, toplumun onayından daha önemlidir.

I ’ve been working on self care. #loveyourself #sensualselfiechallenge #aeriereal A post shared by Allysa Jade (@jadedoctober) on Oct 16, 2018 at 8:39pm PDT

Kadınlar erotik kelimesinin anlamını yeniden buluyor ve özgüvenlerini artırıyorlar.

Mais uma do ensaio pra vocês. Quer ver mais o link tá na bio! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gostosa #bigboobsgirls #bigboobs #bigboobsforlife #boobs #bigbootygirls #sexywomens #beauty #plussize #plussizebeauty #mulheresgostosas #gordinha #bigbootylatina #braziliangirl #braziliangirl #sexygirsl #sexy #sensuality #sensual_ladies #sensualselfiechallenge #sensual #sections A post shared by D A N I • A L C Â N T A R A (@daniizou) on Oct 18, 2018 at 12:16pm PDT

Bedeniyle barışan kadın, cinselliğiyle barışan kadın demek.

I always thought I had to be someone who had money, someone who had a “normal” mental health & a perfect body to be valued by anyone, or by myself. I always thought I didn ’t deserve love, mostly because of the way other people enjoyed watching, as they chewed my heart up and spat it out all while looking me in eye with a smile and blood dripping from their chins. I ended up believing that I was only worth shallow love, I didn ’t understand why I was always so soft, so sensitive & humble in this wreck of a society, I didn ’t want to harden up, to toughen my skin, but it happened as it does with everyone- and I ’m in the process of re-discovering my softness. My beauty. My heart. My feminine. My masculine. My love. Myself. Because I ’ve been underground, in the dirt, waiting to sprout. I haven ’t been well, I won ’t lie and say that I am happy because I ’m honest I ’m not right now but that ’s okay, because guess what? Life gets dark. It ’s not always love & light and I won ’t pretend that it is. And in my darkness, when it ’s dark it ’s dark, but I ’m making this post because I deserve credit & even though I ’ve been pushing myself s o hard for these past THREE YEARS, since the start of my journey inward to innerstand myself, not UNDERstand, my ego still wants to chime in and put me down. So this post is for me, for being alive, for growing so strong despite the bullshit I ’ve been through, for wanting to be vulnerable, for showing my scars & my flaws, for getting up every morning and making myself meditate even while I lay there and can hardly still myself because of the tears I ’m crying. I still get up to do my hour of yoga, I still fucking try. And I ’m SICK of being hard on myself because of this programming, having to re-wire my brain & thinking patterns. But I will break these fucking chains & win. I always do. Because I am. I just am. And because I am, everything else just is. I ’ll be back on my love & light shit in no time, but first I must honour my darkness. #love #meditation #yoga #mentalhealthawareness #loveyourself #vision #happiness #jouney #innerstand #strength #goddess #god #chakras #sensualselfiechallenge A post shared by Marzॐ (@withlovefrommarz) on Oct 14, 2018 at 2:19am PDT

Her beden farklı ve pek çok insan dayatılmış standartlara uygun değil.

“When I am soft, I am strong. When I am connected to my senses, my body, my breath, my sexuality, I AM POWERFUL.” — @evyan.whitney : @fearlessleon #worldmentalhealthday . . . . . #sensualselfiechallenge #bodypositivity #bodyconfidence #selflove #selflovery #selfcare #fearless #beautiful #strong #confident #wcw #woman #positivevibes #positivity #loveandlight #spirituality A post shared by LUMA Premium Hair Collection (@lumahairco) on Oct 10, 2018 at 2:00pm PDT

Farklılıkları görüp farklı olduğunu kabul etme noktasından sonra her şey kolaylaşıyor.

self portrait from the #sensualselfiechallenge that I like but I didn ’t post at the time. Happy Friday A post shared by Elliot Fawkes (@elliotfawkes) on Oct 5, 2018 at 7:04am PDT

Sizi bu güzel kadınların fotoğraflarıyla baş başa bırakıyoruz.

“But I don ’t know how to be sexy” that ’s one of the things women say again and again & it ’s one of the ways they often talk themselves out of boudoir. Or they say “after I lose this last 15 lbs I ’ll be ready” or “after I get a tan I ’ll call you”. ya ’ll, 8/10 of those women never call back. DON ’T know how to be sexy? Perfect! Overthinking & over-posing and someone else ’s version of “sexy” sucks the heat right out of images. You know what great, provocative photos have? It ’s CONNECTION. The sexiest thing that can ever come across is a woman ’s connection to her glorious body and/or the connection through her eyes & into the lens. That ’s why I tell everyone, if you can listen & follow simple instructions you can take the sexiest photos on the planet. Your raw, wild, fire-filled, feminine ESSENCE…That connection of electric energy that transcends, weight or skin – that ’s what makes you beautiful. And. You. Are. So. Beautiful. #jointherebellion #bodyloverebellion A post shared by Mary Amazing (@maryamazingshow) on Oct 4, 2018 at 6:02am PDT

I wasn ’t brave enough to post this during the #sensualselfiechallenge because I ’ve been shadowbanned so many times due to people reporting my photos. BUT, I am fucking magic and this photograph celebrates all that sensual magic, so I ’m posting it. AND, I want you to believe in your magic, too. Which is why I am running my #sexyunicornchallenge again! Because honestly, every single one of us is a sexy unicorn who possesses our own unique embodied magic that deserves to be celebrated, praised, rejoiced over and so much more. This is a 5-day journey beginning on Monday, October 8th. I first ran this challenge in March when I recognized how much I value the power and conviction and seriousness of life (and in myself). And how much harder it is for me to tap into the colorful fun of life (and in myself). The same thing is happening for me now (old patterns die hard). I ’ve been SO in the shit lately and I need something to shift me out. To recognize the reality that there is magic around me, all the time, and it ’s just a matter of awareness and perspective shifting to see it. Ultimately… I AM A BADASS SEXY UNICORN (I mean, just look at this photo!). And I shouldn ’t be afraid of owning it! So, I invite you to join me for these 5 days of everyday magic to unleash your sacred, sexual powers. You can sign-up for free in my profile! The #SexyUnicornChallenge is about tapping into the magic all around you. Rooting into different modalities to help awaken the magic within. And living into meditational, embodiment and journaling exercises that help you solidify this magic in your being, so you no longer have to go looking for it outside of yourself. I’d be incredibly honored to have you join me for this fun ride. The link is in my profile – @thesacredandthesexy ! A post shared by Rachel Rae Halder (@thesacredandthesexy) on Oct 3, 2018 at 2:04pm PDT

Tangerine, tangerine. Living reflection from a dream I was her love, she was my queen. #tangerine #sensualselfiechallenge #outside #womenwhorunwiththewolves #octaviavibes #fingerlakesnationalforest #selfportrait #woodlandnymph #alive #connected #grounded #foxy #feelinmyself #hiker #bluesky #grateful #ledzepplin #queen A post shared by Octavia (@freerangehulahoop) on Oct 11, 2018 at 4:23am PDT


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